Local Suppliers Tours

Our local suppliers tour provides insight into the wholesalers who are accessible on your non-market days, or for florists who prefer to exchange closer to home.

This tour will immerse you in three of Melbourne’s best independent wholesalers who pride themselves on quality product and prices. Each provide an immense range of seasonal cut flowers and foliage, as well as the more unique gems.


  • Santospirito Flowers Wholesale Warehouse, Footscray
  • Australian Flower Group, Footscray
  • Mr Fresh Wholesale Flowers, Port Melbourne

A specialised expedition, you will begin your morning at Footscray’s exclusive, trade only, Santospirito Flowers. You will then head next door to The Australian Flower Group and finally, you will finish your journey in Port Melbourne, at Mr Fresh Wholesale Flowers. 

Visiting your local suppliers will help you to build a rapport with the respective growers. You will gain an understanding of the wholesale growing process, including getting the flowers from the farm, to the floor and to the florist. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the current seasonal floral trends.

Your $50.00 booking fee will be redeemable for flowers.

* Students must be enrolled in a current MFS 5 week course or MFS Professional Floristry course to attend a Melbourne Flower School tour.

Please book your tour when booking your course.

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$ 50